Our team

Tata Lab Alumni

  • Hiro Katsura, Ph.D. – Former Postdoc. Hiro is currently working at the RIKEN Center for Biosystems and Dynamics Research, Laboratory for Lung Development in Japan!
  • Yoshihiko Kobayashi, Ph.D. – Former Postdoc. He is now an Assistant professor at Kyoto University studying tissue remodeling in pregnancy at the Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences in Kyoto, Japan!
  • Avani Desai – Former Undergrad. Avani is working this coming year as a Research Technician in the Sipkins Lab (Division of Hematologic Malignancies and Cellular Therapy) at Duke before she plans on attending medical school.
  • Rebecca Lee – Former Undergrad. Rebecca is attending Yale to study for her Ph.D. in their Biological and Biomedical Sciences graduate program.
  • Robin Yeh – Former Undergrad. Robin is currently working on projects funded by the Benenson Award in the Arts she was awarded and will later be relocating to Atlanta, Georgia for work as a consultant at Accenture.
  • Samuel Liu – Former Undergrad.
  • Erica Langan – Former undergrad; graduated Honor’s degree with distinction. Erica is currently working as a research technician at Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • Vishwaraj Sontake, Ph.D. – Former Postdoc. Vishwa is currently working as a senior scientist at Gordian Biotech in San Francisco, CA. He will be working on developing gene therapies for complex age-related human lung diseases!
  • Preetish
  • Arvind Konkimalla