2019 Publications

Essential role for InSyn1 in dystroglycan complex integrity and cognitive behaviors in mice

Tata Lab contributing authors: Kobayashi Y, Tata PR. Published in eLife. Dec 2019

Persistence of a novel regeneration-associated transitional cell state in pulmonary fibrosis

Tata Lab contributing authors: Kobayashi Y*, Tata A*, Konkimalla A, Katsura H, Lee RF, Tata PR. (*Equal contribution). Published in bioRxiv. Nov 2019

Cellular organization and biology of the respiratory system

Tata Lab contributing authors: Tata, P.R. Published in Nat Cell Biol. July 2019

IL-1 and TNFα Contribute to the Inflammatory Niche to Enhance Alveolar Regeneration

Tata Lab contributing authors: Katsura H, Kobayashi Y, Tata PR§ (§ Corresponding author). Published in Stem Cell Rep. Apr 2019

ABL kinase inhibition promotes lung regeneration through expansion of an SCGB1A1+ SPC+ cell population following bacterial pneumonia

Tata Lab contributing authors: Tata PR. Published in Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. Jan 2019