Lab Fun

2022 Christmas Gift Exchange at Old Mill Farm!

Halloween fun 2022!

New members training hard; or hardly training?

summer gathering at the Tata’s

Tata Lab volunteers with Habitat for Humanity in Durham

Nature paper publication celebration April 2022

Christmas Dinner 2021 at Juju

Bowling Outing 2021

Halloween 2021

Lab Outing at Jordan Lake State Park 2021

Yoshi’s going away party

Hiro’s Last Day 2020

Holiday Season 2019

Halloween 2019

Lab Photoshoot 2019

  • Group Photo
  • Group Photo
  • Group Photo
  • Group Photo
  • Group Photo

Summer Potluck 2019

A bowling afternoon with the Diao Lab

Lab Outing 2018

Lab Olympics – Department Retreat 2017

Cell Biology Retreat 2017