Lab Members

Pankaj Agarwal – Bioinformatician

Pankaj was born and raised in the populous city of Calcutta in India.  After completing his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, he moved to the US for graduate school and earned an MS in Chemical Engineering from LSU and another one in Environmental Engineering from NCSU, focusing primarily on modeling and computer simulation.  During the dot com boom in the late 90s he started working in tech startups in informatics but after a few years found his real passion in bioinformatics.  He joined Duke University in 2006 as a Bioinformatician in the Duke Cancer Center. Since then, he has continued to work in the field of genomics and bioinformatics in various departments within the School of Medicine at Duke University, primarily in Oncology.  He joined the Tata lab in June 2022 and will be working on the bioinformatics projects and managing the computational requirements for the lab.  Outside of work Pankaj enjoys traveling, hiking with his wife and dog, swimming, and cooking.