Rebecca Shelley

Rebecca (Becca) Shelley – PhD Candidate

Becca is from South Bend, Indiana and graduated from Purdue University in 2022 with a BS in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental biology, and a BA in English Literature. She explored many research topics and labs throughout her undergrad (including time spent in structural biology, evolutionary genomics, and biology education labs) before joining the Allen-Petersen lab where she studied the effects of effects of phosphatase deregulation on pancreatic tumor initiation and progression. A summer internship at United Therapeutics in the research triangle sparked her interest in the dynamic cell interactions in lungs. She came to Duke through the Cell and Molecular Biology PhD program. In the Tata lab, Becca is focusing on macrophage populations in the lung and their role in regeneration after injury or disease. In her free time she enjoys visiting live music events, baking, hiking around the area, and battling with her cat, Kebob, to keep her houseplants alive.