Negah Ahmadvand

Negah Ahmadvand – Postdoctoral Associate

Negah was born in Iran. She discovered her passion for cellular and molecular biology while studying for her master’s degree at Tehran University. After completing her degree, she worked in a cancer research institute and then moved to Germany to obtain a Ph.D. in the pulmonary field. During her doctoral studies, she worked with outstanding scientists who helped her develop her knowledge and skills in lung development, regeneration, and repair. Negah’s research focused on characterizing alveolar type 2 cell subpopulations as progenitors. To advance her career and better understand lung regeneration mechanisms, Negah joined Tata’s lab, where she applies cutting-edge techniques and utilizes various in vivo and in vitro models. She enjoys spending time with her husband, playing games with friends, hiking, and swimming in her free time.