Hiroaki Katsura

Name: Hiroaki KatsuraScreen Shot 2018-04-03 at 9.12.07 AM.png

Preferred name (or alias): Hiro

Home town: Tokyo, Japan




Hiroaki Katsura was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. When he was high school student, he was wondering what is happening in our body. Then he decided to study biology in Waseda University. He worked with small fish called Medaka and studied how the left-right axis in their body is determined during development. When he was junior, he read a paper on Spanish flu and he was fascinated by virology. During his graduate studies in the Institute of Medical Science University of Tokyo, he generated replication-incompetent influenza viruses as a vaccine and reporter viruses expressing fluorescent proteins by using a technique called reverse genetics. While he observed severe damaged lung tissues from flu infected mice, he became interested in how lungs are repaired after infection. Then he joined Prof. Brigid Hogan’s lab in Duke University to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms of lung regeneration. After Prof. Hogan retired, he joined Dr. Tata’s lab to continue his research and to expand his skills and knowledge about stem cell biology.

What are you passionate about? The cellular response to injury.

What drew you to Tata lab? The elaborate mechanisms of cell plasticity after injury.

What do you do when you are not in lab? Playing guitar and drums, watching movies, reading books.