Arvind Konkimalla

Konkimalla_ArvindName: Arvind Konkimalla

Preferred name: Arvind

Hometown: Edison, NJ







Arvind was born in India but moved to New Jersey when he was just 4 years old – he claims to remember his whole childhood in India but we all know he is probably just making up stories. He received his BA in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Rutgers University in 2014, where he worked in the lab of Nancy Woychik, studying a Mycobacterium tuberculosis stress response mechanism. He couldn’t get enough of school so he decided to jump directly into the MD/PhD program at Duke University following his undergrad. Throughout his medical school rotations, Arvind thought he wanted to spend the rest of his life in just about every specialty, until he finally received a breath of fresh air and decided that his favorite of them all was pulmonary medicine, thus meandering his way into the Tata lab. Broadly, his research interests lie in lung cancer and regeneration – but knowing how fickle he is, this could be very different by the beginning of next week.

What are you passionate about? Math! Science! Sports! Cooking and food!

What drew you to the Tata lab? The diverse array of research interests, the young, exciting environment, and the extended mentorship of a wealth of pulmonary researchers here at Duke.

What do you do when you are not in lab? Cook, read, and watch TV. Find ways to buy new kitchen gadgets without getting caught by my girlfriend.